cialis generico è legale One of the first questions I get asked is, “Are we going to be speaking with Spanish or Latin American accents?” And the answer is, “You will be speaking with Canadian accents … at least for a while.” To elaborate, the division is not so simple. True, the Spaniards have a distinct accent which may vary throughout Spain but, with 20 countries in Hispanic America, there is no official “Latin American” accent. Each country has its own accent and idioms as well as influences on the language.   Most of my experiences have been in Mexico and with Mexican people so I speak Spanish accordingly. That said, I’ll point out variations in pronunciation whenever opportunities arise. “Is this a conversational course?” is another frequently asked question. And ‘YES’ – it most certainly is – but not entirely.   Many people turn shy when it comes to speaking a new language (I know because I was!) so I nix that inhibition in the bud by having you speak some Spanish within the first 15 minutes of the first class and, through a ton of conversation, keep the ‘speaking’ up throughout the course. However, reading, writing and listening activities are vital components of the program because they reinforce the concepts you’re grappling with verbally.   Long story short, I take a whole approach to the language and don’t isolate conversation.

go to link Occasionally, someone will question the fact that I’m not a native speaker myself.   Born in the U.K. to English-speaking parents and with traces, albeit faint, of a Canadian accent in my Spanish, Canadian-Englishness is written all over my face.   This, however, is an asset in that, having struggled with the shyness of learning Spanish, I understand where first-time Spanish students are coming from, empathize with any inhibitions they may have and consistently encourage them to work through those inhibitions. Aware of what worked well for me as a learner, I use those same methods as a teacher. I also incorporate the voices of native speakers as much as I can into the lessons to expose students to a variety of Spanish accents.

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