viagra free sample It’s hard to believe, sometimes, that it’s been thirty years since the Spanish language walked into my life by way of a Mexican boyfriend and that it’s been twenty years since I began teaching it. And there have been adventures and love affairs with this beautiful language. I have stories to tell — stories which I can’t tell in class because I’m too busy teaching. This is a space where I would like to share my experiences with you — experiences as a Spanish student, as a Spanish teacher and an Anglo who’s spent the best part of her life in a large Mexican family. You wouldn’t know it to look at me … but my lifeline runs through me in two languages now.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading the fragments of what’s turning out to be a very long cross-cultural story.


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Esta canción me conmueve tanto, en parte porque comparto mi vida con un mexicano pero también porque tantas personas están saliendo de sus tierras en busca de una existencia mejor, dejando sus pasos y su gente en la tierra vieja … Read More


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¿Ha pasado tanto tiempo desde que nos vimos por la última vez? Nunca imaginé que el tiempo tendría tanta prisa, que los años pasarían como días, los días como minutos.  Pero la vida es traviesa, caprichosa, siempre engañándonos con sus trucos … Read More


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1/4 taza de mantequilla  1/4 taza de leche 1/4 taza de agua caliente 3 tazas de harina 1 1/4 cucharaditas de levadura seca 1/2 cucharadita de sal 1 cucharadita de semillas de anís 1/4 taza de azúcar granulada 2 huevos … Read More


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SUNFLOWERS IN WINTER — GIRASOLES EN INVIERNO ‘Ay, ay, ay, quisiera llorar pero estoy cantando.’ ‘Ay, ay, ay, I wanted to cry but I am singing.’ Ana Gabriel, El Último adiós On dark winter days, She fades out-of-place, Father-tongue broken, It … Read More


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Twenty seven Octobers ago, I was in a university Spanish class and the professor was explaining the difference between the two Spanish verbs ‘to be’, ‘ser’ and ‘estar’, listing the instances when we should use each one. The general rule, … Read More


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Although Canada’s Hispanic population is growing, unless we live in a big city, we Canadians don’t have the benefit of access to the Hispanic everything-under-the-sun that our vecinos estadounidenses (American neighbours) have, though, thanks to the internet, we have access … Read More


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Mexican Wedding Cookies 1 cup butter ½ cup of sugar 3 tsp vanilla extract 2 tbsp water 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 cup ground almonds 1 cup dried cranberries, finely chopped ½ cup icing sugar   Cream butter and sugar, … Read More


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Pensamientos sobre la comida mexicana: From time to time, I’ll include the odd Mexican recipe which I make for my family and my Spanish students when we have our annual Mexican dinner. But knowing cooking isn’t where my true talents … Read More


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On my cyber wanderings,  I stumbled on these videos from Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona.  In the first one, ‘Vida’  (Life),  he sings his way through the milestones of his life and asks why life has to come to an end.   … Read More


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A couple of years ago, one of my students sent me a link to this video.  These adolescents from Paraguay in South America prove that you don’t need expensive instruments to create great music.  Nothing brings to life the expression … Read More


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Many assume that singer Marc Anthony is from Puerto Rico.  While he was born to Puerto Rican parents, he’s actually from East Harlem in New York City.  “Vivir mi Vida”  (Live my Life) is  a wonderful song to kick off … Read More