20141108-IMG_9517-EditIt has been said that we teach what we’ve most needed to learn ourselves and that has certainly been the case in my relationship with Spanish. It was love, initially, that brought me to the front door of the Spanish language as I wanted to communicate with the friends and family of a Mexican boyfriend who I ended up marrying in 1992. Once through that door, however, I was in it for the love of the language itself and the distinct Spanish-speaking cultures it unlocked, each one like a room filled with its own literature, music, art, food, people, politics, places and things. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Hispanic Studies from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, travelling to Mexico between my third and fourth year to study Latin American literature at La Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México in Toluca – about an hour outside Mexico City. I remained at McMaster to complete my Master’s of Arts degree in English, then moved on to the University of Toronto for my Bachelor of Education in Intermediate/Senior English and Spanish. Upon graduation, I immediately started my own business teaching Spanish in companies dealing with Spain and Latin America as well as in night classes for teens and adults in my town and from surrounding communities. The early years of driving here, there and everywhere with my educational materials in tow not only showed me how much enthusiasm Anglophones have for the Spanish-speaking world when it comes to exploring, adventuring and vacationing. It taught me how important Spanish is when it comes to Canadian business. In the first seven years as a freelance Spanish instructor, I worked with professionals on the police force, in the airline industry and in the fields of paint, environmental testing, X-ray technology, logistics and plastics. Ciba-Geigy Canada Ltd., Rodair International Ltd., Maxxam Analytics, Mold-Masters and Corrigan Instruments were a few of the companies with which I worked. By year seven, I had three young children so I focused on the night classes so I could spend time with my family in the day and pursue some creative writing projects which had been on the back burner since my university days. Since then, I’ve continued to work with students aged 13 and beyond from all walks of life. Their inspiration for learning Spanish is delightfully varied. Some come for work. Others come for the yearly escape down south from Old Man Winter here, because they want to say more than “dos cervezas” at the poolside bar. Some come for mission trips, because they’re building schools and hospitals in areas of need. Others come because they’re dusting off the Spanish books from the ‘50’s and ‘60’s, turning their attention to an interest which has been on the back burner since their university days. Some come simply because they saw my advertisement in the newspaper and decided to try something new. And then there are those – like I did – who come for love, because they want to understand their newfound partner’s mother tongue or fully participate in the lives of grandchildren with a Spanish-speaking parent.

acquistare levitra online sicuro Calabria Whatever the motivation, the Spanish students are always inspiring me with their plans and projects, stories and adventures, with their enthusiasm and diligence as they progress from basic sentences to more detailed accounts of their experiences. Guiding people over the threshold I crossed myself years ago has brought – and continues to bring — a sparkle to my eye.

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