TREASURE HUNT / BÚSQUEDA DEL TESORO IMG_2684[1]While I plan to post more second-language teaching activities on the site in future, I want to end November’s “teaching to the inner child” focus with the treasure hunt,’la búsqueda del tesoro’ in Spanish — an activity I’m going to do with my classes as we wrap up the season. Tailored to whatever the group has studied in their weeks with me, I come up with a list of things that appeal to a variety of senses: food, music, words, sayings and sentences.  On my sample list here, I’ve included a song in Spanish (which students can easily share via Youtube or simply go old-school by bringing in copies of the lyrics), a dish to share with the class (something that can be prepared or picked up en route to the lesson), one type of fruit (to contribute to a fruit salad for dessert), a photograph taken on a past trip (so I can ask them questions using ‘ser’ and ‘estar’), 10 favourite words in Spanish, 5 sentences which exemplify the concepts learned during the course and a saying or joke in Spanish.  I suggest giving out the ‘treasure hunt’ a couple of lessons before the end so students have time to collect their items. As most of my students are coming to class after a full day of work, I make it clear that whatever they can bring in is great, even if they don’t find everything on the list. The whole point is to end the course with music, food and fun while reviewing what’s been learned in the session. IMG_2683[1]

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