comprare levitra Veneto IMG_2633[1]Continuing with November’s ‘teaching to the inner child’ theme, I’m including this small entry on paint chips and popsicle sticks, both of which are simple tools to practice colour vocabulary.  The paint chips, which are free in any hardware store or which you may have lying around your house, usually come in strips of different shades of the same colour.  Once you cut a strip up, you have five or six blues, greens or yellows which you can then insert into different badge holders.  By the time you’ve cut and divided your paint strips, you’ll have a whole rainbow of colours to distribute amongst your students. To make the materials go further, you could have each student choose one colour from the holder, give her a noun and get her to link the colour she has picked with that noun. If a student has picked a red chip, for example and you say ‘el vino’, she will have to say ‘el vino rojo’. Then when you say ‘la camisa’, she will have to say ‘la camisa roja’. When you say ‘los zapatos’, she will have to say ‘los zapatos rojos’.  A simple activity like this gets students practicing agreement between nouns and adjectives. While I haven’t used popsicle sticks in my classes for a few years, I have definitely used them in lieu of flash cards in the past. I pass out a variety of coloured popsicles sticks to the students, each stick with a different verb written on it.  We’ll go around the circle and each student will tell me the colour of their popsicle stick then conjugate the verb on it.  It’s an alternative to my usual flash cards and gets them to practice their colours at the same time.IMG_2639[1]


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