GREETING CARDS AND THE SUBJUNCTIVE IMG_2558[1]A few weeks ago when I was looking for birthday cards for various family members, it struck me how, when writing in them in Spanish, we use the subjunctive, a concept my advanced class is learning right now.  One of the subjunctive’s uses is to express hopes and desires for the future and when we send greeting cards to people, that’s what we’re doing — wishing them the best in recovery or retirement, in the new year or their new home, with their new baby or spouse, on their travels and adventures and for their birthdays and graduations.  Light bulb on, I went to a nearby dollar store and purchased a variety of cards for different occasions, cut them in half and laminated their covers.

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prezzo vardenafil pagamento online Last night in class, after going through the protocols of well-wishing in Spanish, each student took two cards for two different types of occasions and, on a separate piece of paper, practiced writing messages for their imagined recipients, using expressions like ‘espero que’, ‘esperamos que’, ‘deseo que’ and ‘deseamos que’ with the present subjunctive. The activity, which took about fifteen minutes, was successful and next week, I will have the students do it again with a different set of occasions.  Knowing how to wish people the best with the subjunctive is a practical skill used all the time in letters, emails and basic conversation.  The laminated greeting cards gave the in-class practice a colourful twist. If using the same materials in a beginners’ class, I would have them use the present tense with nouns.  ‘Les deseamos mucha alegría en 2016’ por ejemplo. IMG_2557[1]A child at heart, closer to Christmas, I may have the students write in blank Christmas cards to each other and pop them in a cardboard mail box to open up in the last class before the holidays.  We used to do this in England and, by the looks of this IKEA commercial, the Spaniards do something similar, only they’re writing to los Reyes Magos (the Wise Men) instead of to Father Christmas. I stumbled on this little video at the right time and showed it to the students in conjunction with their greeting card activity.  Pay attention to the subjunctive when it comes to the desires of the children. ¡Espero que les guste!

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